Welfare Actions

Solidary Mother's Day

One more action closed successfully!

On May 11 and 12, 30% of the amount collected at the box office was allocated to ICI and AACD institutions.
The idea of ​​partnership came directly from Florybal, a company that from the beginning is committed to the coherence between action and discourse. The company supports several social actions besides promoting inclusion and social integration. The help of this and other institutions happens to approximately 10 years, but previously it was provided through donations.

The AACD was inaugurated in Porto Alegre in August 2000 and is one of the units enabled through Teleton. The institution currently has many partnerships and volunteers to maintain good care and social responsibility with the community. On average, more than 570 people were cared for among children and adolescents, and in 2017, more than 900 thousand patients were treated separately in the areas of pathologies, medical specialties and therapeutics, as well as having care in an orthopedic workshop.

ICI as well as AACD is a non-profit institution developed over 25 years whose main goal is to increase cancer cure rates by working early in the disease. With a support in the pedagogical, psychological, nutritional, dental and also with assistance in the special examinations has a record of more than 2000 children together with their families. In addition to developing Scientific Research Projects has some events to raise funds to maintain the institution, monthly attends about 200 families. The Race for Life is currently one of the main fund raisers and through it they promote the sharing of good practices and community involvement for the benefit of the institution.

For the next Father's Day we are planning to repeat this action, on August 10 and 11 who can not come this time will have an opportunity again. Will be donated again 30% of the amount collected in our box office for both institutions.

Come and be part of this chain of good!

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